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ROMYNOX the green partner

We want to make significant steps in sustainability. We’ve set ambitious goals for our business operations and continuously work to make us even more sustainable every day.

Significant steps in sustainability!

Of course, we separate the waste flows in our office and warehouse, we drink sustainable coffee (where the profits supports projects in Africa), there is hardly any printing and we try to plan freight movements as efficiently as possible.

Electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint

In addition, our fleet has almost completely switched to electric vehicles and we expect to have nothing but electric vehicles by the end of 2022.

We encourage our employees to come by bicycle or public transport and from 2023 it will no longer be allowed to park at our building with vehicles that use gas or diesel.

Built according to the BREEAM-standard

The building has been built according to the BREEAM-standard, to make it a healthy building for its inhabitants and surroundings. It’s energy-neutral and equipped with enough charging stations for electric cars.