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About RX Code


For any company with a substantial product range, easily and swiftly locating specific product information can be quite a challenge.

At ROMYNOX, we’ve taken a unique approach to address this challenge, and we’ve found the solution in our RX code. This code consists of a combination of three numbers and letters that you can find with every product.

It comprises the first three characters of an item number, which you can find on quotes, packing lists, and invoices.

You’ll spot this RX code prominently displayed in a vibrant green color on each product in our catalog and website. By simply entering these three characters into the search bar on the ROMYNOX website, you’ll instantly land on the product you’re looking for.

Here, you can access information about available sizes (through our request shop feature), technical data, maintenance, and storage guidelines. This information can be in the form of datasheets or videos.

Moreover, the RX code seamlessly connects our catalog to the website, ensuring that the RX code is your swift gateway to the information you need.